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Our Actions

We support new candidates and existing members of New Hampshire legislature, without regard to political party, that are dedicated to free enterprise, economic growth and job creation with no broad-based taxes. These candidates and members will also share our fiscally responsible spending and tax policy views.

We strive to become an effective voice for our mission through direct support of candidates and existing public officials who share our mission. 

If you share our vision of a robust economy, a positive business environment, and oppose broad-based taxes, we ask for your support. Please give whatever you can to help ensure a successful election. You can give online using the button below or download the Contribution Form and send it in with your donation.


Our Overseers


 Daniel P. O’Neil, Co-Chairman (D)

John P. Stabile, II, Co-Chairman (R)

William S. Bartlett, Jr. (R)

James W. Craig (D)

Paul J. Holloway (R)

Paul M. Montrone (D)

Steven G. Shapiro (I)

Donna Sytek (R)

Our Position


New Hampshire’s successful economic environment provides continued growth in employment opportunity, higher than average income, and a lower poverty rate than most states. New Hampshire’s economy has good growth, low unemployment and one of the highest concentrations of high technology workers in the nation.

New Hampshire State Government has long reflected the views of its people who believe in fiscal responsibility, prudent government spending and a regulatory environment that fosters and supports economic growth. New Hampshire’s unique approach to state government and financing has created a special advantage for the Granite State over all others.

The absence of a broad-based income tax, capital gains tax and sales taxes are key elements of this philosophy. It is “the New Hampshire Advantage” of fiscal restraint and prudence combined with a pro-growth economic environment that the New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance is committed to preserving and strengthening.

There will be several key Senate and House elections in November.

  • Participation in these campaigns can make a significant impact on the future direction of tax policy in New Hampshire. 
  • The business community and workers have a responsibility to preserve New Hampshire’s economic growth and capability to create jobs.
  • Any softening in the general economy will increase the pressure for new revenue sources; including broad-based taxes. 
  • The NH Legislature must reflect the pro-job creation voice of New Hampshire business and the popular majority of our citizens.


Our Goals

Identify New Hampshire business owners, managers, leaders and interested citizens committed to our pro-job creation values and opposition to broad-based taxes, which help support our mission.

Raise sufficient financial resources to provide meaningful support to candidates for New Hampshire State office that share our mission and vision for New Hampshire.

NH Job Creation Alliance
P.O. Box 4143
Portsmouth, NH  03801-4143