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The New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance is a nonpartisan state political action committee dedicated to preserving the Granite State’s favorable and highly enviable economic environment with no broad-based taxes.

How can you help? If you share our vision of a robust economy, a positive business environment, and oppose broad-based taxes, we ask for your support. Please give whatever you can to help ensure a successful election. You can give online using the button below or download the Contribution Form and send it in with your donation.



The New Hampshire Job Creation Alliance mission is to support candidates for public office in the State that are committed to preserving and strengthening the New Hampshire Advantage, defined as follows:

•  Electing officials to public office in New Hampshire who are dedicated to free enterprise, economic growth and job creation with no broad-based taxes.

• Prudent government spending and fiscal responsibility that have allowed the State’s citizens to prosper.

• New Hampshire’s successful economic environment, which provides continued growth in employment opportunity, higher than average income and a lower poverty rate than most states.

Learn more about our objectives, position, overseers and goals by clicking below. 


Our Actions

We suppport candidates who share our fiscally responsible spending and tax policy views.

Our Overseers

A diverse group of NH democrats, republicans and independents.

Our Positions

The absence of income, capital gains, estate and broad based sales taxes are key elements.

Our Goals

Identify NH leaders who are committed to pro-job creation and our mission.


If you are interested in donating to the NH Job Creation Alliance, please use the
Donate button at the top of the page or download the contribution form.

Send your donations to:

NH Job Creation Alliance
P.O. Box 4143
Portsmouth, NH  03801-4143